Your treasure chest & mine


Backpack or treasure chest?

The words you choose are so important. We often talk about carrying our past in our backpack (at least in Sweden we do :-) )A backpack is very convenient and comes in handy, but it also puts weight on your shoulders in many ways. Something that you carry with you wherever you go. That is my feeling.

To look at your life experiences as the content of your treasure chest gives me a completely different feeling in my body and mind. I imagine that my treasure chest is spacious, a lot has happened. Whatever is in it is only mine, although all experiences have had an impact on others as well. But the reality I experience is not the same reality that you see.

The content of the treasure chest is very varying and consists of glittering diamonds as well as darker stones, happy memories as well as enormous grief. What I feel is that every stone, whether diamond or black stone, is invaluable. They have led me to the place I am in right now and made me the person I am.

Take a look in your treasure chest

It would be very exiting if you would look into your own treasure chest! Can you look at what you find and appreciate it?

All the people you meet has their own treasure chest with valuables and every meeting is unique. Sometimes you bring a smile or laugh from a meeting, sometimes a feeling that a person is not really in a good place. I often wonder over a persons experiences and what has led him or her to the place they are. It helps me to handle the meetings that are not so pleasant or even unpleasant. Fortunately this happens more seldom as time passes.

Sometimes you can feel like something bothering you is in the treasure chest. Somtehing that has not been delt with or that has been ignored. Maybe it is in the subconcious hiding. The Sensing Yoga has given me the tools to loosen up these knots and to let go. I do not need to know what it is that is bothering me, but I can feel it leaving me. The physical and the psychological are not two different things, they are one. Our psychological health gives us physical symptoms when our body is trying to tell us something, and physical injuries affects us psychologically.

We do not need to understand and know everything, we just need to know what works and what doesn´t. All we want is to feel good, right?

I wish you a lovely day with new experiences to put in your treasure chest, a warm yoga hug from Petra