Your body is amazing


A magical body

Is it only me that does not listen to my body? Or at least I used to be indifferent to the "screams" that my body made. Headaches, migraine, nausea and so on. The action to take was to have a painkiller and get on with whatever I had to do... 

That is almost rude, is it not? To ignore the signals your body sends you, your very closest ally in life and an ally who only wants what is best for you. I do not think that rude describes it well enough and it is also kind of stupid :-)

The price I have paid for being deaf to my body is two periods where I was completely burned out. Periods where lack of energy, "brainfog", lethargy and other symtoms were normal to me. These times of depression have led me to be in the place I am today. Lessons learned from what at the time felt hopeless have given me a palette of experiences to paint the picture called life.   

What is the body up to?

Around the clock, year in and year out the body is there for us. Our heartbeats, our breathing, digestion, fluid balance, immune system, sight, smell, hearing, touch, taste is taken care of and regulated by our body. With clever systems for information gathering it sends signals to regulate and keep us in balance. 

Everything that the body does and tells you is done just to keep you feeling as good as possible and for you to survive. Looking at the "screams" from your body from this perspective makes it easier to stop and listen and actually be grateful for the information! Headache: well I forgot to drink water today, Nausea: no coffee yet? Almost fainting: maybe I should eat something? And then there is all the forms of stress that makes our body go into fight & flight....

My mind is blown away by the way all the systems and signals in my body keeps me alive. It is just as mind blowing as when you try to understand that the universe has no end and no beginning. Your body (and mine) is magical!

So where is this blog post going? By admitting to myself that I do not know enough about the body that I live in, a door to new knowledge opened up. And the knowledge has given me tools to listen to my body and to actually understand its language! Today I have more energy, rarely have headaches, my back does not hurt anymore, I feel mobile and smooth in my body and I have a huge curiosity to learn more and to be able to bring about more knowledge to others.  

In the coming blog posts I hope to inspire you to a new way of listening. The physical and psychological messages from your body to you deserves to be heard. And I would like to be a part of providing the tools to take care of what your body tells you!

The next blog post will get into our autonomic nervous system and its magic.

A big yoga hug / Petra