To take a break


How does one know that it is time for a break?

Isn´t it hard? Very often the insight comes to late. When what you are doing feels meaningful and joyful you just keep going , just like it is easy to stay to late at a great party.. att det hinner

Our brain is amazing. Do you also do crosswords and do games that gets your brain going? I have discovered something about my own brain. By putting the crossword away for a few hours and doing something completely different (PAUSING) my brain helps me to solve the problem and when I return it seems obvious! Something happens during the break and everything seems easier.

"It is in the space between that life whispers answers that are withheld by stress" 

To take a break

When and how do you need to take a break? Long, short, for ever, minimal or somewhere in between. The definition of a break depends on the circumstances and what needs we hae entering the break.

Obviously I needed a break from writing blogposts... When the motivation and the excitement of writing wasn´t there any more it was time to pause. Now it feels iportant and exciting again!

My life has been full of pauses. Voluntary and involuntary, nice or challenging. During the periods of life where ther has been an overwhelming amount of musts there was no room for taking breaks. Or I did not prioritize them. As a result I crashed into involuntary pausing everything. From friends, from work, from having fun, from feeling joy. 

It is only recently that I have gained insight into why I ended up there. Now I am beginning to understand myself and that my body is trying to help me by sending messages. Headaches, fatigue and irritability were my signs and I still have far to go to really listen. But now the journey ahead feels so exciting and ful of lust.

Listen to your body

I have written it before and I will keep writing it! LISTEN! We constantly receive signals from our unique body, our loyal companion through life. We (I) often chose to ignore them and keep going on the path we are on. Maybe with the help of a painkiller or something else to suppress the symptoms.

Eventually the body gives us more and more powerful signals. It starts screaming at us by body pain, headaches, digestion problems and so on.

Sensing Yoga is my way to reconnect to my body and to start listening. To realize that everything is connected, that physical and psychological signals are closely related and that the combination that creates the "whole" is amazing.

The simple things are often the greatest ones. To just stand up and let your body extend in a "BODY YAWN" or pandiculation when you have been still for a while, to go for a walk to let things and thoughts land inside, to be in nature and really let it energize you, to take a nap when your body tells you to or to meditate some time during your day.Be kind to yourself, take a break! It can do wonders.

I wish you an amazing break, a big Yoga Hug from Petra