To leave home to go home


To leave home for home: Where is home for you?

In late October 2021 I got into the car (with my two dogs) and left home, Stora Rör, Öland, Sweden. By car I went traveling through Europe with Burgau, Portugal as the final destination. I left home and went away.

The trip contained some incidents like getting locked out of the hotel in the middle of the night, getting robbed of things in the car and getting a car window smashed. We also were forced to move out of one Air BnB into another due to a stray dog who did not want to leave us alone. He kept watch outside the front door and rose on his back legs, looked in and would not go away. When we finally managed to get into the car (me and the dogs) he decided to run alongside the car for about a mile.... Otherwise the journey was very good and the feeling of freedom was immense.

On the 6th of November we "landed" in Burgau. A small wonderful fisherman village with narrow, far from straight streets, its own beach and a lot of friendly souls.

To make yourself at home

The apartment felt okey, if not perfect. It took me a couple of weeks of refurnishing, a trip to IKEA for some purchases, some plants and new lightning to get the feeling of home. The dogs turned out to be a real door opener to making new acquaintances and friends. Short after our arrival we became a part of the "Morning Dog Walkers" with a motley mixture of dogs and people. A very international feeling with "members" originating from Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, England, France and the US in various ages and dogs of all sizes and breads. I am so extremely grateful for these new friends! They will all forever have a special place in my heart: Gayle, Kevin, Amy, Kristian, Anne, Elise, Carole, Marc, Pete, Chris, Paula, Claudia times two, Norma, Janne, Jeanette, Sam, John, Tanya and all the dogs!

To experience the openness and the caring love has been so up lifting. Always a helping hand around if you need it and not talk only, but real action.

One thing that I have reflected upon is that allt the people that I have met everywhere have been so calm. The absence of stress is really very noticeable and sooooo beneficial.

Going home with new knowledge in my treasure chest

When preparing for the trip back to Sweden I have a feeling of leaving home and going home. It did not take long to feel at home here in Burgau and to find a community. As we leave I will miss my second home very much.

The energy here in Burgau is very special. There is a calmness yet a force that feels very exciting. From all the people that I have met, there are many who are in a searching phase in their life, a new start, a new way of listening to the inner voice. Fascinating and thoughtful. It will be magical having a Sensing Yoga Retreat here in September. The place, the hotel, the Sensing Yoga and the vast possibilities of activities will create magic.

My own ability to listen to my inner voice has been fortified while living here, but the Sensing Yoga is also one of the crucial tools for me. Not just listening, but understanding what the body, the mind and soul wants to express is a lifelong process of learning, but I am on my way. To learn this language (Portuguese will have to wait) has been given time and space. But there is no dictionary, no translation app or wikipedia to turn to. It I all about finding the inner balance of calmness, recovery and challenges.

During my time in Burgau I have been studying Anatomy and Physiology. To realize how unbelievably fantastic the body is with all its refinements and niceties. To understand why my reactions now are so different to outer stimuli and stress. The incidents that occurred on my way here are a god example. The old stressed out me would have felt so bad from these experiences, now they were more of bumps in the road and even added an extra spice to the trip!

This new life journey with focus on wellbeing and Sensing Yoga feels so right. To be able to contribute to people feeling better and at the same time feeling better myself is a blessing. The curiosity and will to learn more and take in new knowledge is now really awakened. I now that by admitting not knowing there is a door to new knowledge opening up.

Somewhere along the road I have found my way home to myself. In addition I have now received the feeling of three homes: Halmstad, Öland and Burgau! Magical!

As a conclusion I would like to recite Björn Natthiko: This to will end. Whether you are experiencing good times or bad they will pass, we live in constant change. To have the now in your hand from time to time is a gift.

I wish you a wonderful now! A big yogahug/Petra 

PS Are you getting curious about Sensing Yoga and would like to join me "at home" please join one of my upcoming retreats! It would be an honor to experience now with your. DS