Wellbeing retreat for women

Your time is now!

Lack of energy, belly bloat, expanding waistline, insomnia, mood swings and hot flashes? Do you recognize this and want to find a way out?

Join us on a journey towards feeling well on a 4 night /5 day retreat in Sweden on the island of Öland. Enjoy Hormone Yoga Therapy, Sensing Yoga, massage, coaching, delicious healthy food, beautiful scenery, time for relaxation and self care and enjoy Swedish culture and nature.

During this 4 night/5 day retreat you give yourself time to relax and to be embraced by The Yoga Hug. 

Once ready to return home you will bring new impressions, insights, friends, and we hope that you have found your inner smile!

Sensing Yoga

Petra Schollin Löfbom is the hotel nerd who changed hotels for Sensing Yoga. My inner driving force is to share the tools I have found to manage stress and anxiety with others.

I love the simplicity and natural ways of Sensing Yoga and to see people receive and experience the change in body and soul. Sleeping better, getting rid of pain and feeling relaxed and happy are some of the beneficial effects.

To have the possibility to mix the Sensing Yoga sessions with taking care of guests in a hotel service maner is a dream come true.

To do this in beautiful Stora Rör in combination with hormone yoga is really magic!

We are longing to take care of you! 

Öland, Stora Rör

This island is situated on the east coast of Sweden. This is where Carl von Linné found numerous of his flowers and the scenery is magic. 

We will be staying in the small harbor village of Stora Rör on the west coast of the island. We will stay and have our yoga sessions at Ljungstugan. This house was built by Petras Grandparents in the 1920:s and has a soul of its own! On the premises there is a yoga deck to have our yoga classes and in the garden you can find your spot for relaxation.

The group will be kept small, a maximum of 10 people.  

WHEN?             from the 9th to the 13th of August 2023

HOW MUCH?   €730 for acommodation in shared room, meals, Hormone Yoga Therapy, Sensing Yoga

Hormone Yoga Therapy

 Kathrin Wörner has been a yoga instructor since 1996 and moved to   Portugal from Germany 20 years ago. Specializing in helping women in need of hormone balance through Hormone Yoga Therapy (HYT) she has assisted a vast number of women in selfcare.

To experience the transformation into diving deep, finding and embracing your perfect femininity within is my mission. More information on the website below.