About Petra

I am 58 years of age with 2 wonderful "kids" (23 and 26 years) . At this moment I am spending time in Portugal with my two dogs Puh and Flowbee, who by the way are Portuguese Waterdogs.

Burgau is situated on the Algarve Coast and it is a small, friendly Fishermans Village. A lovely beach, beautiful hiking trails and nice weather. I am here since 3 months spending time educating myself in anatomy, taking additional Sensing Yoga courses and starting to have classes via Zoom. In the next week I am having "IRL"-classes here in Burgau, I can´t wait!

It is never too late!

With my treasure chest full of experience it became time for change and action. Yoga and meditation have become a big part of my life and made it possible to find the calmness and confidence to move forward. It is time to share and contribute to others and help people to find their inner smiles!

Life goes up and down and I have had two burned out periods in my life which has made me search for tools to find inner peace. The best tool that I have found is Sensing Yoga. Finding an inner strength helps to cope with all the changes that inevitably comes in life.

After spending almost my entire work life in the Hotel industry, Sensing Yoga entered my life and the dream of contributing to giving individuals tools for wellbeing and happiness took over. 

Presently I am combining my experiences from hotels with Sensing Yoga through offering wonderful retreats with your wellbeing in focus!

I hope to see you soon, via Zoom or perhaps IRL?

A big yoga hug from Petra