Sensing Yoga - 

find your inner smile

Why practice Sensing Yoga?


Find your inner smile

Find your own calmness, listen to your magical body and get tools to ease your pain and stress. The Sensing Yoga practice helps your body to produce Oxytocin ans Seretonin, your wellbeing hormones.

Rest & Digest

Your parasympathetic nervous system is essential for your wellbeing. Sensing Yoga helps you to make room for it to work its magic. Movements for "the muscle of the soul" Psoas and other soothing positions.

Flexibility & Mobility

Movements with focus on softening your joints and help your fascia getting hydrated and smooth. Your body perception will improve as you start listening to your body. 


Classes via Zoom every Wednesday and Sunday at 6.30 pm. You can also make One on One reservation for your own Sensing Yoga practice.  More information

Sensing Yoga Retreat, Öland Sweden

2 or 3 day retreats in Ljungstugan Stora Rör, Öland, Sweden

Sensing Yoga Retreat in Italy

5 day retreat in Ripabottoni, Molise, Italy